Insurance is hard.

I make it easy.

I want people to be happy with what they have—a joyful experience during the process, and peace of mind.
- Harlon Pickett, Insurance Broker

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You may already have a Marketplace plan which you are looking to improve, or you need to get set up on the Marketplace. We'll help you! We've got you covered! Yes, even your pre-existing conditions!

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Stay Protected—Without the Hassle.

Making the right choice for your budget and your needs can be difficult to do alone. This is why Harlon Pickett Insurance Broker walks you through every step of the process straight from the beginning. With HPIB, there is no end to the relationship. We’ll be right there to help you make the right changes to your plan when the time comes.

Live the American Dream—Without Financial Ruin.

I had coverage during COVID and it was great for my whole family. Harlon helped provide me and my family with medical protection that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. The shared plan is better coverage overall compared to what I’m used to, and the price of it is so affordable. We went from $1,500 for my whole family, to less than $700 per month. It was very useful to be able to speak to the doctor through telemedicine—a good customer experience. It’s nice to know you can put your health in the hands of Harlon Pickett and it’s okay. He's available and responds right away.


This last year has been somewhat catastrophic for me. Without Harlon’s guidance, we wouldn’t have the insurance which has helped tremendously. We would have never gotten through any of that without him.


It’s been difficult, but Harlon’s made it so pleasurable and really a wonderful experience and helped us understand what choices we were making. After we got settled in, we were doing good and about halfway through, I was considered disabled and I had been waiting for a decision which came through. It left us up for yet another change. I didn’t understand anything going on with the social security choices that I had. I called Harlon, yet again. He sat down with us and got us set up once again and was able to have me ready for my insurance right on time!


It’s been a great experience so far. I’ve got telemedicine and that comes in very handy. I’ve gone into the office and never had a problem, it’s been such an easy switch. We told Harlon exactly what we wanted and he put us on the right plan. I’m very happy with the service and the product itself.


At the eleventh hour, Harlon led us through yet another seemingly catastrophe of insurance and I feel we’ve become friends. I enjoy coming to see him, I really do. He’s very personable and honest and everything we were looking for, without the feeling that we were being taken advantage of. He let us go through more than one option to make sure we were choosing the best for us. We’re very happy that we met him.


We came from California and my husband was about to lose his insurance. I am so glad that I called Harlon. We came not knowing anything about what to do or how to go about doing it and Harlon has been a god-send, a mentor and has led us through all of these difficult decisions and choices we had to make.


You can start small and still increase your protection as you age at key milestones of your life.


Help protect your family from life’s uncertainties.


Group | Small Business

Take care of your organization's employees' wellness visits, prescriptions, hospitalizations, and more.

Direct Primary Care

An alternative to insurance, this simple, flat-rate, affordable membership medicine brings unlimited access to medication and doctors to your fingertips.

Healthcare Cost Sharing

Share one another's medical costs with members of the community.


Seniors, disabled, and those with special conditions can manage prescription expenses better while getting access to care they need.


Why Choose an Independent Insurance Broker?

Smarter decisions

More choices

Protection in one place

No hassle


Periodically reviews your health solution

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In case of unforseen events, gain peace and save money by referring to your healthcare solution. 

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